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Published on 6 June 2022 at 16:27

No spoilers until the end 

They see each other every year on the same date 

Fallon meets the aspiring novelist, Ben. The day before she moves, they spend Fallon's last day together in L.A. That's because of the untimely attraction they have for each other.

Her life becomes the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel. They like each other a lot but Fallon needs to go to New York to figure some stuff out on her own. Ben also doesn't want to withdraw her from something she wants. So he when it's time for Fallon to leave Ben comes up with something so they can keep seeing each other. "What if we continue to meet on the same date every year?". Until one day Fallon becomes really unsure if Ben has been telling the truth or fabricating a prefect reality for the sake of the ultimate plot twist. Can their relationship be considered a love story if it ends in a heartbreak? 


Meet the main characters 


Her dream was to be an actress, That dream was taken away from her when she was sixteen and happened to be in a massive accident. Thirty percent of her body was burned because she was caught in a house fire. Her father, Donovan O'Neil, is an acting star and they don't have the best bond, because of the house fire at Mr. O'Neil's house. Her father says that because of her physical appearance, she needs to give up on her dream of being an actress. Since that day of the house fire, she hasn't been the same. She became really insecure and became aware of everyone that looked at her because the only thing she thought people saw were her scars. She wanted to pick up her career by moving to New York and trying to get into broadway. Only, the day before she was moving, see-saw him. 



Ben is a writer and when he meets Fallon O'Neil he was mesmerised by her. They meet in a restaurant when Fallon is talking to her father, telling him that she's moving to New York when Ben is sitting behind them in another booth. He hears everything Fallon's father is saying and the things he said where awful and mean, Ben couldn't listen to it any longer so, he jumps in. Pretending to be her boyfriend. From that point, they spend Fallon's last day together and met every 9 November. He really helped Fallon gain her confidence again during the book. He was a good guy, most of the time.....

Book Details


Published November 10, 2015

Page count 320

Goodreads 4.3/5

My rate

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


My thoughts 

Oh, this book. I have never read a book that made me feel like this. I was so mad, sad, and happy through this book, it made me feel a lot of emotions at the same time. I loved how it goes from year to year and seeing how much the characters develop through the year. It's really beautiful to see how much confidence Fallon gets through the book and I loved that for her. She deserves that. Also, Ben, I loved him a lot until the fourth of November. I was so mad at him, I can't even explain. 

Fourth November

The fourth November made me so mad at Ben. I literally thought "is this guy so dumb, or is he just not thinking straight". The moment he said "We keep his baby monitor on at night." I was done. And of course, things like that happened when you raise a child together, but he was still in love with Fallon so it wasn't fair towards Jordyn. He also said that "I'll never feel about her the way I feel for Fallon." Ben and Jordyn were also together for the sake of Oliver and I don't think that's right. But after everything, I also got why they were together. It maybe sounds weird but they both lost someone they loved so much. Jordyn her husband and Ben his brother and the girl he loved, even if he couldn't admit that he loved her. After they both lost two people they loved, Oliver united them. After Fallon left Ben on the third of November for his own sake, he believed her when she told him she didn't want to spend her life with him. I just thought that was insane, she loved him and I thought he knew that. But he didn't. Jordyn and Ben were both in pain and filled the void with each other. It's not weird but you should never be with someone for the sake of someone else or because you want to fill the void of someone that used to be there in your heart. I was kinda mad at Ben because he just acted dumb and stupid for believing Fallon never wanted to spend her life with him when he knew she really wanted that. Fallon just thought it wasn't the right time because he just lost his brother and she knew that Jordyn really needed him. As I already said, I understand why they got together. They were both in pain. 


I think the fifth November hurt more than the fourth. When she started reading the manuscript I couldn't believe what I was reading. He started the fire. When she started reading more I was literally tearing up and couldn't believe it. I can't believe what Fallon must have felt at that moment. The guy who always told her that she was beautiful and her scars made her who she was. was also the one who caused those scars on her body. I was so mad en sad, I can't even explain it because I was feeling so many emotions. At this point, I was just done but also really confused because I knew that Ben really did love her. So I didn't understand how and why. 


When Fallon found the cardboard box with the manuscript at her front door a year later all those questions were answered. To be honest I know some people don't forgive Ben but after reading the beginning of the manuscript I could not, not forgive him. I can kinda understand why he did what he did, as weird as that sounds. He literally saw his mom dead on the ground and I don't think people understand how much effect that has on a person. When you see something like that, you're just not thinking straight and you do really stupid stuff like Ben did. It was definitely not right but it was also not his intention to set the whole house on fire. He also didn't know that there was someone else in the house except Donovan O'Neil, Fallon's dad. But it wasn't right what he did. I will defend him though because in my opinion when you go through something like that you do really stupid stuff and you are not thinking about the consequences things can have. You're just really angry and sad. 


Final thoughts

An amazing book that made me cry, laugh and appreciate life. A beautiful story that I definitely recommend! 

"I think about you every second of every day and I don't know how to get over you." she says.

"Don't" I beg her. "Please don't get over me." 

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