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Published on 17 January 2023 at 10:26


A book review for Defy Me by Tahereh Mafi, Juliette must fight for her life and love. She has to remember who she was. 


She was never meant for you.

She was never meant for any of this.

That girl was sentenced to death the moment I named her Juliette.


Juliette Ferrars isn’t who she thinks she is.


Nothing in her world is what it seemed. She thoughts she’d defeated The Reestablishment. She thought she’d finally taken control of her life, her power, and her pain. But a lifetime of lies unraveling before her has changed all that.


Stronger, braver, and more resilient than ever, Juliette must fight for life and love. But first, she has to survive the war being waged against her mind.


She has to remember who she was.

 My Thoughts

This book was the most insane one that I have read so far. I cannot describe how much I loved this book and how mind-blowing it was at times. Everything Juliette thought about her life was a lie, ALL OF IT! It’s just so insane how one book can change the whole story. My thoughts and feelings we’re every were while reading this and I couldn't comprehend what was happening. A lot of secrets and memories were revealed during Defy Me, it was absolutely mind-blowing.


Another thing that I absolutely love about this book is that the book has Kenji’s, Warner’s, and Juliette’s POVs. You can read about all the different perspectives and how the characters experience the scenes playing out in this book. Because the characters are all in different places during this book, it made it more interesting to read about. They didn’t know from each other what was going on and where they were because Juliette was somewhere with her parents in another country, Warner was locked away and Kenji was in the asylum.  


There was another really messed up thing that happen in Defy Me which had something to do with Juliette and her memories, but to be honest, I think that will be too much of a spoiler to tell. If you want to find out you should read the Shatter Me series yourself. I highly recommend it!

Book Details 

Published April 2, 2019

Page count 384

Goodreads 4,28/5

My rate

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Aaron and Juliette

Juliette was still healing from Aaron’s be trail, but eventually, she found out the truth about everything and the situation with Warner. I loved them both so much during this book because they were childhood lovers, come on. When I found out about that I was utterly shocked but also filled with love. They are the most beautiful couple I have ever read about and with everything going on I have a feeling that they will always find their way back to each other.


Nazeera and Kenji

Awhhh Kenji and Nazeera, I just know that they like each other too much but they are both too scared to admit it. They were so cute during Defy Me, and they got into moments where I was like, come on you guys just admit that you like each other. I’m really interested in how their relationship is going to end. Guess I will have start reading Imagine Me then.


The plot twist was insanely good but also so messed up. In my opinion, Defy Me is the best book of the Shatter Me series, so far. It will probably stay like that because if there will be more shocking things in the next books, I will not survive them. I absolutely loved it, and I would HIGHLY recommend this series.

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