My Books

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts on the books I've read, their summaries, and my opinions. I currently have various sections dedicated to the series I've read, as well as a dedicated page for standalone romance novels. While I primarily focus on romance, I also have a big passion for self help books. 


When I talk about the types of stories I enjoy in romance books, I really like most of them. I can't say I like every single one because I haven't read them all. So far, the ones I really enjoy include:

1. Fake dating
2. Brother's best friend
3. Enemies to lovers
4. Childhood friends becoming lovers
5. Friends turning into enemies and then lovers
6. The "I hate everyone in the world but you" dynamic
7. Good boy meets bad girl

I also like stories that take their time to build up the romance, but if it takes too long for the characters to get together, I can get a bit bored. When they finally do get together, I enjoy it, but I tend to lose interest if it drags on for too long. However, that's just my personal preference.

One of the aspects I adore in books, and which I prefer, is a dual point of view (POV). I thoroughly enjoy delving into the minds of both characters and experiencing their unique perspectives.


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